TwitDao Whitpaper

Customized Hashtag

1. What is Twitter Hashtag?

A Hashtag is a keyword or phrase used to describe a topic or subject. For example, #Tweet might be the hashtag, as might #TwitDao. One is a broad word and the other is a more specific phrase.
To create a hashtag, you must prefix the word or phrase with a (#) and avoid using any spaces or punctuation (even if you use multiple words in the phrase).
When you tweet, the hashtag will automatically become a clickable link. Anyone who sees the hashtag can click on it and take them to a page featuring a synopsis of all the latest tweets containing that particular hashtag. Twitter users include #hashtags in their tweets to make it easy for other users to find and follow tweets about a specific topic or subject.

2.Why TwitDao supports Customized Hashtag?

In a nutshell, hashtags come from Twitter and are aggregated hashtags within tweets. Users can search by hashtag, and hot trends basically come from hashtags.
In order to let users have their own brand, we use Hashtag as a vehicle for personal information building, inspired by ENS (Ethereum Name Service), DAS (Decentralized Account Services), which is somewhat similar but not exactly the same in some aspects.
In addition to this, Customized Hashtag can also increase users' earnings.
For #Hashtag NFT holders, not only will they receive an additional 5% of earnings, but they will also receive a corresponding royalty earnings when his/her bought hashtags are used by others.
For regular users, the double Hashtag option is more extensive without affecting their earnings. You can use any hashtags users have already purchased to get extra 5% earnings.

3. What is TwitDao Customized Hashtag?

Simply put, the hashtags for the extra 5% earnings are no longer officially provided, but can be used with hashtags that users have already purchased.

3.1 Introduction of TwitDao Customized Hashtag

The TwitDao hashtag itself is an NFT, consisting of a string of letters (numeric and alphabetic), with additional attributes, such as name, bio, avator, etc. This part can be controlled by the centralized service. Users use $TDT to create them.
Hashtag Length
6 Digits and above
5,000 $TDT
4-5 Digits
7500 $TDT
3 Digits
10,000 $TDT
  1. 1.
    Hashtag can be traded normally
  2. 2.
    Purchases will be paid with the bsc wallet address, not the balance in your game account.

3.2 Earnings of Double Hashtag

The update we made compared to the previous one is that the #MrTweet can be customized by the user.
TwitDao now supports double hashtags : #TwitDao #(Customized).
All about Customized hashtags:
1. Customized hashtags need to be purchased through $TDT.
2. Once a customized hashtag is purchased, the purchaser (the owner), as well as other users, can use it when tweeting to earn an additional 5% earnings.
3. Customized hashtag gives extra 1%-2% royalties to the owner, when his/her bought hashtags are used by others.
Example :
User A: Bought hashtag #MOON
User B: Bought hashtag #SUN
User C: Common user (None of the custom hashtags were purchased)
User A tweets: # TwitDao #MOON (5% extra earning to A)
User B tweets: #TwitDao #SUN (5% extra earning to B)
User C tweets: #TwitDao #Moon (5% extra earning to C, and additional 1%-2% royalties gets awarded to user A , whose hashtag is used.)
The more members use #MOON in their tweets, the more are the earnings of user A.
User C tweets : #TwitDao #MOON #SUN.
User C will get 5% extra earnings
Then only user A will get 1%-2% royalty as his/her hashtag was used in first place, user B will not get royalty.

4. Hashtag invitation mechanism

Hashtag itself can be used as an invitation code to encourage users to spread the word and build their personal brand.
  1. 1.
    The more members use your customoized #Hashtag in their tweets, the more are the earnings of yours.
  2. 2.
    The amount of earnings accumulated to a certain target, the corresponding multiplier will also change
Target Earnings
Winning Odds