Follow to Earn (Under Development)

Just follow @TwitDao_BSC or other accounts(TBA) with your twitter account. That's all.
Users earn TwitDao Tokens (TDT) by holding Fish NFTs and following.Once setup is complete, just follow @TwitDao_BSC or other accounts we request from your public account. No special app is needed. You can follow from Twitter App as usual.
Once you follow, you will earn TDT in 24 hours. 50% of TDT earned by following can be withdrawn at any time, the other 50% is locked for one month. However, locked TDT can still be used for transactions in TwitDao. When you use TDT in TwitDao, locked TDT is consumed in priority.
If you own multiple Fish NFTs, each NFT earns from a single following.
Last modified 7mo ago