TwitDao Whitpaper

Getting Started

To start TwitDao, you need to connect to your wallet and your Twitter account and purchase an Egg NFT.

New Users

  1. 1.
    Access to TwitDao Access TwitDao with your browser.
  2. 2.
    Connect with your wallet After accessing TwitDao TwitDao supports integration with Metamask and WalletConnect.
  3. 3.
    Connect with your Twitter account After you have connected your Wallet. Twitter account connection is only to get your tweet information, we do not operate followings, tweets, RTs, etc.
  4. 4.
    Purchase NFTs Head over to the Market and choose an Egg NFT. Ensure that you have enough BNB ready for Metamask.

Price of Egg NFTs at the official launch.

Egg Type
Price (BNB)
Not for sale
NOTE: The price of Rare Egg NFT will increase by 10% for every 1,000 sold and minted in total.
  • You can only have one Common Egg per address. Once you have a Common Egg or a Baby Fish, you cannot get a new Common Egg. Common Egg cannot be withdrawn to an external wallet.

Users who purchased an Egg NFT outside of TwitDao

Put the Egg NFT in your wallet. Go to the Asset page and click the Import button to move the Egg NFT to TwitDao.